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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
Actually it is Avon:

Dear Sir,
We will have in production approx. December the size for your bike. Dealers should be able to order January or Feb. of 2008.

Best regards,

Sukoshi Fahey (Ms.)
Sales Manager, North America
Hoppe & Assoc. (Avon Tyres)
Dear Sir, how much? Competition is a good thing. Any body using a different front tire other than the metz and if so is it any cheaper?
Is there anything made in this country anymore except babies and Jack Daniels?

Spineless politicians, and signs printed in spanish.

As bad as I learned to dislike the Avons on my 97 thunderbird, I look forward to having an option besides the Metz.
Aside from the cost, how would we know if a new model tire from another manufacturer would be better functionally than the ones the bike comes with?
I've always liked Avons, but I probably wouldn't try them unless it was time to change both front and rear. I'm not sure I would like to have mismatched tires on the bike.
During my Valkyrie riding days I much preferred Avons to Dunlops or Metzlers.

They were definitely more confidence inspiring in wet and dry conditions and had a similar wear rate.

Initially I had a Dunlop on front and a Avon on the rear with no adverse effects on handling.

If Avons become available for R3 at a similar price to the Metz I would definitely give them a go.

Just my twopenny worth