Jun 1, 2007
07 r3 classic
Hello Everyone,
I'm Mark from Ohio. I own a blue 07 Rocket Classic. I've had some decel popping issues and it's very hot to ride on hot days. Anyone have any suggestions for these issues? Also, I purchased a factory service manual part # 3852294 Issue 3, dated 01.2006. Is this the most recent maual for my year of rocket? Thanks!
Unusual for me, let me be one of the first, Welcome to the forum. 07 Classic is my favorite as well. Tourer, myself.

Decel popping can be mostly cured. Tuneboy or PowerCommanderIII, I believe are the most common. I've not taken the plung; I like the popping :) As for manual, you might be one of the few with a hard copy. I find a pen drive holds it and all my nasty pictures:D If Trphm HQ has updated, I've not heard of, not thats a source you can take to the bank, the '06 for Classics manual should be adequate for rudimentaries. It's shirley not the shop manual of yesteryear.

Welcome and join in often.
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Hi Mark!!


Probably the easiest and maybe best way to kill the popping is a PC III. I'm not sure about your service manual question, many times manufacturers will simply put admendments in an older manual. Hopefully someone with a newer manual can fill us in... mine's from 2005.
Welcome Mark. Ditto on the PCIII. Tuneboy is another more intensive option. Only advice I have regarding heat is to wear pants when you ride.
Welcome to the group Mark,

Enjoy the Rocket, the motor heat feels great on cold days by the way. Post some shots when you get a chance.

Welcome to the group, good color, I almost went for the blue/white color scheme when I came back from Afghanistan as they had one on the floor while mine hadn't arrived yet. Enjoy the ride during your riding sesson, as you may get the couped up syndrome come winter. This bike is a blast.
Good you made the only sensible choice for the ultimate in 2 wheel enjoyment. As a fellow buckeye boy who transplanted at an early age I may have a solution to your heat issue. As some may know it is a different world of weather south of the Mason Dixon line. Heat and humidity top the list and just this Saturday I performed the 1st surgery on my beast by replacing the full cat box with an empty one. The immediate effect was a 200 rpm increase in idle. I performed the 12 min. tune and brought it back down to 600 or so. The next thing which really blew me away was there was no heat issue anymore. I couldn't believe the difference just that one thing made. I sometimes ride with my feet on the rear pegs and my leg would always get roasted but not now. Hope this helps and welcome.:)

Welcome Mark. I love the blue as well. Triumph really did it right with that particular shade. Yes the Rocket gets toasty in the heat of the day. You should try riding one with a wind shield and lower deflectors.......:eek:. Still though, it's not unbearable enough for me to be bothered. The same heat issue in the summer comes full circle in the cool weather warming up our bods nicely. :) C U around.
I'm Numb

Glad you're here and jump in often. No matter what the color, they're all R3's and that's the bottom line!

As to the heat issue, my age is starting to dictate what works and what doesn't. It's chosen to numb a few things already ( That comment will start a whole 'nother link with this crowd) and though I feel a little heat rising, my legs don't seem to be bothered. I'm like Tomo.......wear long pants.

Enjoy the site