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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Ok this started as part of a PM between Dougl and I. As part of the triple mod the air temp sensor gets removed from the intake plenum. Where does the MAP sensor get its readings from? If you look at the service manual it doesn't even look like it is in the intake at all. Does it share the air temp sensor info? The MAP sensor is used for small throttle openings along with RPM's to determine fueling requirements. So what happens when it is removed from the intake?

Looking at pages 11.112 and 11.113, it shows the sensor. Also look at the description at the beginning of chapter 11 where it says what and where the MAP sensor is.
I do believe that there is a small rubber hose that runs from the MAP sensor to the throttle bodies. The MAP sensor itself is more or less a bolt on unit that just hangs there and isn't really installed into anything. You could remount the MAP sensor anywhere as long as the "signal" hose is still connected to the throttle bodies, but you would want to keep that hose as short as possible.