I will make it a sticky in the Lone Star User Group. Whenever you have an addition, just edit your post and remove the attactment then attach the new one.
Um Ok

Sounds complicated?
Were are the stickes kept. I keep mine on the outer frame of my computer. But after time they fall of and I loose them:p
You have to download Google Earth (free) to view this file, I believe. I can't do it here at work, but will try at home this afternoon..
google earth

yep, that's the one. so now what? i'll check later. i'm working 3rd shift.so i gotta go crash.

Just got home

So everyone is having a hard time viewing it?
You have to have googleearth loaded to view it. It's free and it has alot of benefites besides this.
Just let me know and I will try something else.