Paul Hyland

Dec 29, 2006
League City TX
Has anyone else wired any kind of light kit to there bike. I put one on last night with a remote. Didn't go wild it looks pretty good. Will post pic's when I get them.
I've pulled the front and rear signals and license plate bracket and replaced them with the oval signal mirrors and small LED bullet lights on the rear and a plate holder just above the rear brake light.

I did have to add a load.

Yes I have but cheapie me don't by no kit..I get them at checker auto parts. Less than half the price..Motor lit with blue and I never ride at night, smart eh. Lets see some picts Paul. Jack
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Installed new dual element L.E.D. amber front lamps on R3t

I have a 2008 Triumph Rocket III Touring motorcycle. I 've replaced my OEM single function (1156 type) front turn signal lamps with Chris Products Clear Lens Amber dual function (1157 type) lamps. Nearly identical match.

I installed a Badlands III Load Equalizer and Kuryakyn model #4810 (2 amp.) load equalizer. Installed the equalizers as part of the turn signal lamp wiring and the ground wire on the left side turn signal. I joined the two 'running lamp' wires from the Chris Products LED lamps together and then wired it to the headlamp position lamp circuit that runs the 'parking lamp' on the R3T which is on the hot side of the ignition.

It looks great and works wonderfully. Near identical match with OEM front turn signals lamps but I have dual function lamps in the front for more visibility. Always a good thing.
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This is just a guess....

The only difference between having the ignition switch on without the bike running and then starting the bike and having it run might be the battery voltage. With the ignition just turned on it is probably around 12.4 volts but with the bike running the alternator may jump that up to close to 14 volts (or more). That may be enough to overpower the load equalizer, or possibly you have a touchy turn signal flasher. The flasher is just a relay, you might check it out and I'll bet it is close or the same as the turn signal flashers you can buy at auto parts stores. Maybe try one of those and see if it helps.

Or? Maybe put a small resistor in that circuit to bring the voltage down?
Is that just the front signals ? If so, I'd suspect the switch.

I did a similar setup with the Run Turn Brake controller for the rear LEDs. No issues. Works great.
LED's for '09 Rocket III

I have been looking for clear lenses for my standard Rocket, both for the front and rear turn signals. I like whats on the touring bike but have been told that wont work on mine. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this small mod?

Thanks and by the way, VERY happy i made the switch to the R3 after years on the HD's and even had a Honda Rune!!

First off welcome to the site.
There's a guy in Sweden that makes the clear ones.
Nick Hild I think his name is.
Look for the "hello from Sweden" thread,
He's posted on it too.
Hang on,,,,,,
Here's his e-mail and a pic.
e-mail first
now his lens.
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