LED engine accent lights


I have red led's to accent the motor and also have them mounted under my cut bearclaw to accent the 3 k&n's. I used the double sided tape provided and mounted them to the frame in the areas I wanted to highlight. Looks pretty cool at night when parked next to the Hardleys.
There was a Red R3 at Bikini Beach with LEDs. It looked good, but not for me. They appeared to be attached on the underside of the tank, but could have been the rails, and it looked good glaring off the chrome top engine cover.
I have seven 3xblue leds and 2x4leds under tank bearclaw rear fender crome trim near footpegs behind bottom yoke all conected to a remote control so i dont have to have them on i can just turn them on when i want to show off :D


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My '06 Classic had a few strands when I bought it. Don't really use them but left them on anyway. Two red strands are mounted on the backside of the radiator, behind the chrome side panels. Then two blue strands under the tank highlighting the bear claw and the chrome valve cover. Two more single blue blocks are on each side of the handlebar, which will probably be the first ones I get rid of.
I have strip lights along the underside of the tank edge so they shine down on the chrome.
To each their own but every time I see a Hardly with accent lighting I just want to tell the baddass tattooed owner how PRETTY they make his scooter look.