Leaking Progressive 440's


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Mar 12, 2006
I had the pleasure of obtaining a used pair of Progressive 440 shocks, they were one year old and some slight rusting on the springs. The previous owner had them replaced under warranty due to the rusting. I tried them on my bike and I must say the difference was amazing. Sadly one of the shocks blew a seal 80 miles later and now I have put the original boingy bits back on. My concern before I blow over £400 on a new set surrounds the quality of the 440's. Do they all rust? Are they programmed to self destruct one week out of warranty? I am told they can not be rebuilt. Luckily the guy I brought them off is a top bloke and has given me a full refund.
I haven't heard of them rusting or blowing out. I know that Progressive is very customer oriented and that maybe an email for phone call would probably resolve any issues. They sent me a new bushing kit for free no questions asked.

It is amazing how much the ride changes isn't it?
I have lots of old Honda's some with rusty springs, some without. Proper cleaning and waxing should render the issue moot, but can anything stand up to climate conditions in UK, add to that all the potions applied to the roadways makes for metal failure city. It seems chrome is hardest hit in Blighty, but with diligent applications of chrome wax you would think the rust issue would be greatly minimized. Hell, what do I know living in the MId-West.:D

To date my 3 month old Progressive 440's are rust free. I think Progressive will honor all warranty issues even for you folks across the pond. However it is a long way, distance wise, to do business. Good luck on your decision.:)
Oh Great,1st purchase for my beast is Progressive 440 4213C will arrive wed.Now I hear all this.I'm a stones throw from the intercoastal,I can hear the rust forming now,can you hear it?:D
Progressive 440's

A buddy of mine in upstate NY has had his 440's on for over a year and ridden in all kinds of weather i.e. winter salt, pouring rain and he has had no rusting, peeling, leaking problems whatsoever.

Don't hesitate to buy this quality product. :D
The 440's are still my favorite aftermarket purchase. If mine rusted and puked their guts I would buy another pair, I just love them. So far, mine haven't failed in any way. They transform the ride....
Update....put them on yesterday,30min,went down same roads I'd swerve and just went on thru the humps and bumps wow,so nice not getting jacked out of my shorts.I now understand what the tall guys were talking about with taller shocks and peg geometry.My favorite curves faster more lean angle and no sparks!:p Happy baggage1 :D