Late October Dragon Bike Rally

18-20 Oct

Rumble on the Dragon is 19-20 Oct and there's a Halloween bash as well.

Search PunkinCenter or Deal's Gap M/C Resorts.

Cabin rentals require quick actions. Camping, for the more limber timbers, is free 18-20 at the PC M/C Resort.
If anyones heads up to the Dragon, watch your P's and Q's THP is out in force and will be at least until the grant money runs out. They are enforcing laws that are generally overlooked, like non-shatter proof glasses, petty stuff but they are still laws. And NC is tightening down on helmets as well. Just be mindful when passing through the area.

Yes CAD, the THP are pricks*. What if I had several booster stickers on my ass supporting LEO and a jacket ascribed with a fraternal organization of LEOs. Does that make for a better driver. Of, course not! I've got twice as many years driving than most have on earth. :mad: Well, that is a bit of exaggeration. :D

*Though the cause for enforcement may be righteous the handlers want the bucks.

As for petty laws: Special interest group(s) and squeaky wheels with loads of money are responsible for the thousands upon thousands of laws passed every year to embolden the minorities and strip the freedoms from the majority. No exaggeration.
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Hey HeR3tic,

I hate I didn't get to meet you guys out at 29 on Sunday. We had the girls with us. I'm trying to get everyone together for the Oct. 19-20 trip. 2 rocket riders including myself and a Ducati rider. I'll keep you posted.
I must apologize to the THP. I, now, better understand the situation on the Dragon. The situation had become intolerable. Reckless generation Xers on their "sport bikes" and mindless cager racer rallys had taken over hwy129 as their own speedway and "drive at your own risk" is the common mantra.
me and my woman drove the dragon, in the pickup, on the way to cherokee a couple of weekends ago. went through friday evening a little befor sunset. no problems. came back accross on sat about the same time and man what a difference. almost had my finder cliped several times. those croch rockets really do act like it is there on personal race track. i am supprised that there is no more deaths on it than what they already are.
Word has gotten out about the increased LEO presence on the Dragon and it has gotten better than in previous years, still have Squids with too little life experience trying to be Rossi on a public road for it to be safe. Was there this past Saturday with a group of guys from the Road Star Warrior forums and we had a good time riding other roads in the area, but even the Cherohola Pkwy was packed with LEO's. I cannot blame the THP for going up there and enforcing the laws, they do have their work cut out for them up there. Ride safe wherever you ride, no one but the judge and the prosecuter will care if you are the fastest vehicle on the road.