lake tahoe salvo in july


Aug 13, 2006
Costa Mesa, CA
it's coming guys.. looks like a few from oz are even coming up and a group from back east.... this is going to be a great event

Time for us Californians to step up to the plate The east coast Captains have had 3 PA Salvos and 3 Americades to our goose egg, zip, nada

David and Pamela Harvey, Andrew and Sally Dean & Andy (Ogre) and Theres are committed to coming along with Chriss (Nightrider), Captain C and possibly others. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and has been discussed as the location most would like to use as a base to stay at each night.

We could ride around Lake Tahoe and/or to Virginia City, NV for an easy sightseeing ride one day then ride one or two mountain passes ( Ebbetts, Carson or Monitor?) for harder rides another day. A paddlewheeling boat called the Tahoe Queen makes trips across the lake during the day (with a dinner cruise at night) for anyone who wants to take it easier. South Lake Tahoe offers a multitude of casinos, restaurants and lodging alternatives where we could take over and terrorize the locals

Plan on arriving Thursday the 17th and leaving Sunday AM the 20th for 2+ days of riding and 3 nights together. Let me know asap if you're coming because Tahoe is almost as popular in the summer as during ski season and we'll need to know how big a place to reserve for rooms, dinner etc.

Check out for the best motorcycling roads in California if you plan to ride other areas before or after the Tahoe Salvo. It costs $20 for a year, but it is well worth the investment to learn all you could possibly need to know about whatever roads you're interested in riding.

What do you say California Captains?