Kansas City Rider's Group

This just might work!!

Maybe this Sunday?? Or Saturday??? Sunday right now looks a touch warmer. I could eat some Pizza in Warrensburg :D but you know me... I game for just about anything...
I'd sure like to join in. I'll have to see what you guys plan and see how the wife is doing by then (she came home early this afternoon & all is much improved, Thank God for physicians).

Keep posting the possibilities guys. I'll keep reading.
Well OK!! Its Friday Night... Nov. 3rd... let's shoot for Sunday afternoon... We could head over to Warrensburg after meeting up someplace easy and then ride up to old 24 and follow the Missouri river back into town.

Or... if you have something else you would like to do speak up:D.

We will get this squared away tommorrow.........
I'll try to keep an eye out for any messages. For now, I'm in. We'll need to see who all is able to join in & figure of any of us can unite on the way to the meeting place.

Thanks Tomo, I hopin' for the best.
OK, I got up this morning to access the weekend. Here is how it went.

My wife has been out of commission for almost 3 weeks. I missed work "all" last week due to her being admitted to the hospital. I have 2 kids which kept on with their regimen of making dirty dishes, clothes and typical "KID" clutter in the house (and we all know how helpful kids are these days). This evening is the Fall Festival at our church, which we are annually active in, and I was able to get away & help with the first round of cooking in the kitchen last night (cause my teenage daughter found herself without anywhere to go & stayed home with Mom). My wife feels I should contiune to plan on being in the kitchen again tonight to assist with serving about 250 to 300 church-goers and then help clean up afterwards (she feels terrible she is not going to be involved this year, but not bad enough to let me off the hook). Her vehicle is about 300 miles overdue for an oil change (which I do because I don't trust many mechanics these days). We have an entire tree worth of leaves in the front yard and another in the back just itching to "offload". Then there is that roofing project I started last week that needs completed. Sometime this morning I have to take time out to go gather my son & his stuff from a sleep-over. Maybe squeeze in some ironing to get ready for this weeks work load, not to mention what is waiting for me there after missing 5 days of productivity.

Now, after evaluating all this, and trying to figure in a fun, sunny, beautiful day to go for a ride tomorrow,


Guys, if you do get together, please lay a little black mark on the pavement for me. Just a little one will do. And have a rootbeer in memory of me. See ya guys. Keep me posted so I can at least "dream" of getting out.
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