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Mar 12, 2007
On Saturday I bought a new '06 Rocket III Classic, the one with the Red and Creme

I'm planning to keep my '05 Speedmaster..

I havn't taken delivery on the Rocket yet, should be prepped tomorrow or Wednesday.

The excitment is rising..

I first test road one about 18 months ago and have been dreamy over them ever
since; especially the Red and Creme



Cupertino, CA
Way to go!

I'm envious and a little jealous, congratulations on the new bike. I've still got about a week to go myself.
4 dtg!
Welcome to our forum Roy!!

The red and cream is a good looking color combination, I like it too.

I traded my Speed Triple in on the Rocket... I should have kept it :eek:

I hope to see you around!!

I have a Red and Creme '06 Classic, and I absolutely love it. It is just now warm enough where I live to get more than a few miles from home, and I was able to get her out this past weekend. It was just as exciting as the day I pulled away from the dealer. I wish I could see the look on your face!
Welcome Roy. It was a test ride for me too when I was bitten by the rocket bug. You won't have any regrets, you'll just feel sorry for the lonely Speedmaster in the garage.:D
Creme, mayonaise (salad dressing for the Yanks), or is that New England White?? Not that I could tell the difference from my house.

Welcome to the forum:bch:
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Welcome to the R3 Club...

I'd suggest staying out of the throttle until you get used to the VELOCITY THAT WILL HAVE YOU SCREAMMING DOWN THE STREET and Gigglin' like a school girl !!!! :eek:

Sorry, I got a little carried away...

Just wait until you go for your first ride, then you'll understand :bch: