Jul 23, 2006
Spring Grove, Pa.
05 Rocket
Alright.......I've been a member here for over a month (I think) and have made a few posts but have been so **** busy between a full time job and a computer repair business that I haven't taken the time to properly introduce myself. In fact any spare time I can find I use to launch the Rocket.

I live in Spring Grove Pa. just a about an hour northwest of vonbonds, who seems to be the closest "poster" to my location, and a mere 10 minutes from the Harley Plant in York. Needless to say I have a great time during Harley open house weekend. I go through a few tanks of gas just blasting up and down a five mile stretch of route 30 pissing off hundreds of hog owners that no doubt put more money into their engines than the price of my R3. But like I always say "If you cant't be FAST, then be Loud"

I bought my first R3 in 1979. It was a "69" and I still have the ray guns that I'm considering retrofitting to my 98 T-bird just for laughs. My first ride was a 67 BSA Hornet that still had a magneto and a headlight that rivaled a votive candle. I ended up completey chopping the Hornet after my brother pulled an unexpected wheelie and ended up under the front bumper of an oncoming car.

Have owned probably a dozzen other bikes since then but none made in the USA if you catch my drift. I traded in a 01 Trophy on the R3 a year ago April and if you've seen V for Vendetta, the mask worn by the hero?, with the ear to ear grin ?, get the picture yet?

Lucky for you it's 10 after 6 A.M. and I have to be out the door in 20 minutes so that's all for now.

What? How old am I? Oh yeah I forgot to mention that....
.................18............with 33 years experience.

Gotta move the Rocket to the Launch Pad! And yes it is RED just like my first one was.
Welcome, I'm new too.

I just joined this group a couple of months ago as well. I am a developer and spend a lot of time at my computer, so when I get bored crunching numbers I switch over to enjoy the Rocket III dialogue. I am planning a ride in the spring to visit my girlfriend who has just moved to NYC. I have driven in a car before through Pennsylvania, but the only goal was to get there as fast as I could. I would like your suggestions on routes I should take through Pa other than just burning down the Interstate.
The Scenic Route

Just let me know what city/state you are starting from. I re-read your reply and didn't see it. Might even join you for part of the excursion.................................jim:bch:
Hi Manic,nice to finally meet the stanger who was posting.When asked if I own a hardly I simply say I don't own a midsize bike.:eek:
Welcome ManicMechanic. Luved your ref. to the "original R3". It has become an oldtimer's private joke, hasn't it? History shows that after messing around with the "Triple " project, i.e. the BSA Rocket 3 and its equally retarded twin sister, the Triumph Trident, during half a decade, the factory's Board of Directors (a bunch of stuffed shirts) reluctantly but eventually agreed to budget for something definitely innovative: the Ray Gun pipes:rolleyes: .

Welcome... as Hondax said... that was a great BIO...Now we have very high expectations:D

Not really... just relax and join in and enjoy yourself!!