It gets dark at night!


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Jul 30, 2006
Eagle, Idaho
My R3C came from the dealer with the headlight aimed at the lowest possible setting. I managed to raise it up a bit, so I feel a little safer at night, especially with the deer moving about here in Idaho. Is there a tool or some other method to know if the headlight is properly adjusted? Also, I am really unsure about setting the horizontal adjustments. It takes for ever to get an appointment at my dealer, and I am now doing a lot of riding after dark. Any advice will be appreciated!
Looking for Moles

I relate to the lowest possible setting. When I got my R3, the headlights on high beam is where they should have been on low beam. Low beam, well, looking for moles or earthworms is nice, but not on 2 lane roads at 55+

The shop manual at 18.12 in electrical system states.....
Vertical beam adjuster:
1. Turn the ignition switch to the on position.
2. Remove the ignition switch cover.
3. Slacken the clamp bolt sufficient to allow restricted movement of the headlights.
4. Adjust the position of the headlights to give the required beam setting.
5. Tighten the clamp bolt to 15Nm.
6. Re-check the headlight beam settings.

The headlights are plenty powerful so loong as they are aimed up instead of down.
Upgrade Bulbs

Coyote...... After you do the adjustment to the headlights, if you still aren't producing enough light try upgrading to PIAA H4 Extreme White Plus. Be sure it says Anti Vibration on the packaging. They're expensive but what a difference in lighting up the night. The Triumph mechanic let me see the difference by just changing out one bulb, turning out the lights and turning on the ignition. Excuse the pun but it was like Night & Day. If I remember they were around $50 each but when it comes to seeing at night........a small price to pay.

Here are the numbers for a single pack and you might be able to save a little if they come in twin packs.

Part # 70456
Model# H-292E

Keep us posted on how it turns out. By the way, what part of Idaho? I worked up there for about 9 months and loved Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and Pocatella.
The couple of Triumphs I have bought new they all required headlight adjustment. The factory tends to aim them way down. It took me awhile and a few test runs but I got them aimed pretty good now. One of the positives of having dual headlamps is the amount of light they throw especially on high beam.
A Looooong time ago there was a discussion about the reflectors that Triumph is using in the Rocket III. It seems that there is a huge difference in the angle between high beam and low beam. If you have the low beam up high enough where it is useful the high beam is lighting up the racoons in the trees. And if you have the high beam down where you can actually use it the low beam is in the dirt. Several people have changed out the whole headlamp glass assembly and cured the problem. I do believe we have several listed in the bookmarks....