Intercooled SuperCharged R3


Dec 31, 2006
First Ride: Intercooled SuperCharged R3 with Nev's Cams and Jardine Header

I spent hours trying to enrich the "L" tables in the stock SuperCharger tune. At wits end, this proved almost impossible without a dyno. Finally I realized I had "L" tables that might be better suited to Nev's cams and the Jardine... in MY RAM AIR TUNE! I dropped them in, leaned out the low throttle trim to adjust for the MUCH LARGER injectors, and VOILA! The result isn't perfect, but is WAY closer than the plug-cracking-lean stock SC "L" tables. If anything it's a tad rich averaging 12.5 A/F. So I finally got to give her a real test ride.

With the weather a bit colder now, whacking the throttle in 1rst gear rips the rear tire loose for as long as you hold it. Second gear rolling WOTs will lift the front wheel with aplomb. The bike still needs to be tuned, but the main fuel tables are much closer than the "L"s were. Instant throttle response at any RPM, any gear. No loss of torque below 3000 like the Ram Air... and when you hit the torque curve at 3600 she goes like stink in warp drive all the way to 7000. From 4000 to 7000 the R3 with IC SC pulls like a Jap Superbike does from 7000 to 11000... if you twist it you better be ready to ride. IMHO, with tuning, there will be nothing to fear from stock Busas or ZX-14s.

It's also amazing how well the torque is now distributed throughout the powerband, enabling twisties to be munched with ease. No more worrying about RPM like the Ram Air... there's torque everywhere. Very few RPM glitches encountered for an un-tuned bike. Can't wait to dyno tune her now that she's rideable!

No *****in' about the unpainted white fairing:

That would have to intimidate just about anything you pulled up next to :D...

I keep hoping to find a dyno at a garage sale or a swap meet....
Where did you get those ditch lights? Do they work good?

Those are fender mount halogen MOTO LIGHTS... they are excellent. Check them out here:

Hombre: AWESOME ! Compliments . Jamie
PS I was expecting to see carbon wheels on it?

Thanks, Jamie. The CF wheels should be here soon... I have the 18" Pirelli "ZR" Diablos for them, I'm just waiting for BST in South Africa to ship.

Where did you get that slick rear fender? Is it an EZ mod?

That's the R3 CF rear fender from MotoPlan in Japan. It's 8 lbs lighter than stock even with the new fender brace. It includes the new high tech brake, turn signals, and license mount. Very easy install... but expensive. Check out MotoPlan parts here:

I have been following with interest your planned involvement with the East Coast Timing Association and your recent change of plans.

Good luck getting your impressive looking bike set up the way you want it. Will you be dynoing the bike over the Winter months or waiting until Spring to visit Maxton to show what you and the bike is capable of?

Will you have to comptete in the under 3000cc class? Against twin engined bikes? Or will they match you with a similar powered bike to assist you get the best results?

Recently due to your RAM air intake system not coming to fruition you became subject to large amount of scorn on the other R3 forum. I am kind of surprised you did not complete your project to silence your detractors. From an engineering point of view your system would in all likelihood have worked, now we will never know whether you could have achieved sufficient speed in a normally asphirated condition to supress the naysayers.

Best regards