Important for BST Wheels


Dec 31, 2006
Apparently there is another change between early R3s and later R3s (besides clutch bearing). Brembo has found that the spacers supplied by BST for their CF wheels will not fit his early axle setup. Here is email from BST Engineering:

After careful investigation and a phone call to our Triumph Importer here in South Africa, I must conclude that Triumph has two different front wheel shaft and spacing designs for the original Rocket III 2004 to 2007 models. The one would be a BST design (which has 24mm spacers on the LH & RH of the front wheel) and the other will be the same as your configuration (with only a spacer on the RH of the front wheel). Please find attached, photos of the fitment of the BST front wheel on our test rider’s bike.

From what is known, it seems easily fixable from the one design to the other. The forks look the same and the triple clamps look the same so the distance between the fork leg interfaces should be the same . We need to make a spacer for the LH side of your wheel that will give enough travel for the shaft to engage on the tread in the RH fork leg.

It is vital that we sort out this problem as quick and efficient as possible in order for you to enjoy our product and for us to know the difference between the two wheels. I will appreciate if you can help me with the following:
1 Please take a few pictures from the left hand and right hand of the std. OEM front wheel with all its spacers.
2 Please confirm a year model and serial number for your bike?
3 Please measure dimensions as indicated on the pictures I send to you and send us the results.

I will see our test rider tomorrow and measure the dimensions of the front wheel shaft on his bike to gather further detail of the differences.

Thanks for your patience.

Kind Regards
Pieter Fourie
BlackStone Tek (Pty) Ltd

BST is endeavoring to rectify this situation immediately, but anyone considering BST CF wheels, should make clear the year and serial number of their bike to ensure the proper spacers.