I'm baaack...again!


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
I just returned from my 4,300 mile trip to TX, TN, IN, OH, PA (skipped NJ), DE, VA, GA and back to FL.

Don't bother stopping in Newnan, GA for the US Distributorship tour...there isn't any, I guess I should have guessed, thought at least there would be a dealer in Newnan...but there wasn't. At least I picked up a t-shirt from Manyunk Triumph of Philadelphia.

It will be good to go riding tomorrow, got the Rocket out of the shed earlier this evening (stored there in case a hurricane showed up while I was traveling).

When I went thru my mail, my travel bag from The Cruiser Bag Company, Inc was in (looked pretty sturdy and functional) and so had my cruise control from Kaoko, so along with my 12 Volt socket I'll be installing in the side cover (ala Pig9r), I've got some more doodads to add on.

I have a couple of questions what do you guys recommend for a "mild thread locking adhesive" (for the Kaoko)? And where is another positve/negative power wire combo I can use close to the headlight area to wire in a power supply for my Garmin GPS?

Any help would be appreciated.
You could power your GPS off of one of the accessory plugs under the tank. I used the heated grip plug for my Autocom system. There are also plugs for clock and fuel gauge.

232 ThreadLocker.

I see the CruiserBags are getting popular. I really like mine. It's on the bike all the time. Makes a great place to carry my lunchbox when I go to school and I put the lid in there while I'm in class.

The back rest is tits. Roll the bottom third tightly and stick the whole shebang to the velcro with the roll just at the top of the seat, or your butt crack, whichever comes first.

There is a dealer in Neuman, Georgia. Koweta Cycles. They do a big internet business in Triumph parts.

When I stopped by the Triumph "distribution" center, I knew something was up when the one female (spanish/mexican[???] working at a british bike warehouse...America what a country) had to insert one of those security cards to enter the building...that is when I started to get the idea I would not be able to buy anything there. She did tell me there was/is a big Triumph dealership in Atlanta, but I wasn't going back to that.
I wish I had known about Koweta Cycles...I would have stopped in.

Graham, I already have the heated grips, clock and fuel gage installed, so I have a feeling that I have used all the wires in that area, I'm going to need another set of wires from somewhere else or jury rig to the battery terminal (with a fuse block) or something.
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I installed mine with the Blue Loctite it should hold fine. there is about an inch of thread on the bolt provided so chances of it backing all the way out are nill,
I knew something was up when the one female (spanish/mexican[???] working at a british bike warehouse...

Relax Dennis. It could have been the other way around. A british female working at a spanish/mexican whorehouse.

How romantically depraved. A bit less promising to her, career-wise, I suppose. But perhaps a bit easier on you, insertion-wise :cool: Jamie

PS Welcome back

There's an accessory plug under the left side cover up towards the front, assuming you haven't already made use of it.

I used it to provide the power to a relay for an aux fuseblock in my underseat beer cooler...ah... warmer.

Just a thought...
aux plug

Ratboy, I have a feeling you are talking about the power wires that will be powering up the aux plug (ala pig9r's installation). But when I pop that cover off I'll be looking, if there is an extra one in there, that would be great. If not I'll probable be doing the aux. fuse block thing.
The plug under the left cover is not for the aux. BMW accessories socket.

If you don't have the fog lights installed there is a plug under the tank for it. It's far forward and about in the center of the large bundle.