IF You Could Only Pick ONE MOD?


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Sep 4, 2006
Cantonment, Florida. USA
2007 Rocket 3 Classic
Here's the question.....

Take a pure stock 2007 R3 and you have only ONE of these Mods to pick from, for a pure gain in acceleration standpoint. Has to cost under $600 USD Also!

#1 Buy a Tune Boy Only. (No exhaust or Intake Mods)

#2 Buy D & D Slip-on Exhausts. (This mod lets you drop the cat-box, no need for by-pass) Plus my Triumph dealer is a racing type guy, and said he has a special TUNE just for the removal of the stock pipes and Cat box.

#3 Unknown...please feel free to suggest the best one mod

PS Anyone heard about Tune-boy not working with the latest of ECU's on R3?
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Only one mod huh...guess I'd go with the supercharger. LoL

Seriously, if I could only pick one mod, I'd go with an aftermarket exhaust. Jardine is my personal favorite although if I were only allowed one mod, I suppose I'd have a super-duper custom exhaust built. LoL
I'm cheap....Number 3 hands down..

Number 3......

The first thing that I would put on any Rocket is my Flipmeister throttle friction lock (see the sticky in custom mods). No matter what you do to the performance or EFI or whatever, reducing the fatigue from the throttle makes the ride more enjoyable and enjoyment is what this is all about.:)
While I was slow on the up-take, if I were to do it over again I'd go with TuneBoy for maximum bang. Second would be the Silencer Upgrade. I did the latter first, and it was a significant improvement. But, the real performance improvement came with the TuneBoy, of course. Your question was mine when I graduated to Captain. Shocks were said to be #1, then TORS, then TuneBoy. I don't care for loud anymore so I've not given them a second thought. The Silencer Upgrade was enough of a dbz increase. And I never found a dislike for the shocks.
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