I fooled myself.... real good


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
I met Rusty on his way home from Arkansas. He called from my hometown, Peculiar, Missouri ( now you all see why I'm the way I am) and we met at the D.O.M.B. (Dirty Old Men's Bar) Hooters. I was telling him I've got a few small issues I want to correct.

First......as you're facing the front tire there seems to be a ridge going around just to the left of center. It's pronounce enough that when turning right, it almost feels like you're tire drops off the edge of something and then settles back down. I'll have them look at it tomorrow morning.

Second.... and most embarrassing, I told him how I was worried that my clutch or it's cable was going bad. There was almost a week when every so often I'd pull the clutch and it was locked. I had trouble shifting; especially when I was down shifting to help slow the beast. Several days later I was sitting at a stop light and noticed that there was a small amount of play (up and down) on the lever. If I held the lever up and pulled there was no hang up. If I let it drop down then I was frozen. What in the &(*% was going on.

Well, after of week of having the problem and only noticing it when I was riding...... I decided to look at is from the front while it was parked. Here's where the red face appears......... it was hitting the "Squawk to Talk" button hanging on the left grip right up next to the horn button. I use it when I'm talking with other bikers on the radio. That way I can still talk to my rider and everyone else only hears me when I push the button.
Unfortunately, the button in front is attached to a bigger square section in the back and the clutch lever was simply running into the box and being kept from moving.

Good news is it's not a clutch or lever problem

Bad news is I fought with it a few weeks befpre tracking it down. Another case of CRS


Living Legend
Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
Glad it was so simple.. but it sure sucks tracking a problem like that only to find out you caused it in the first place!... lol No telling how many times I've had to retrace my steps like that.