How do 2 Harleys look to a Rocket III rider?

Sunday... we rode out to Warrensburg for a little BBQ. Our little group included Brian and myself on Rockets, my next door neighbor on a 1800 VTX and his buddy on a Harley. Jack (the Harley Rider) had his girlfriend on the back, and since he was the only one who knew where this resturant was at he led the way. We rode down 50 Hwy which is a 4 lane uncontrolled highway, so you get a lot of slow moving traffic pulling on and off. It can be a dangerous road.

Anyway... I was actually impressed with the Harley... he has able to hold 75 mph and actually hit 80 a few times. I actually didn't really want to go much faster than that going out there but I did notice he had nothing left... he had trouble passing a semi and he would loose speed going up hills, ect. I soon became bored and was jacking around behind him and found that if I was going up an incline I could goose the throttle and really lift the front end of the Rocket up. I didn't pull any wheelies or anything but there were a few times I almost rear ended Jack :D

We got to the BBQ joint and the service was dreadfully slow. I think they had to off a cow and BBQ it out back. We were there a long time. I really needed to get back so after we ate the Pigman and I took off for home. With just the two Rockets... we had no trouble with hills or semis... and it seemed like we shaved about a third of the time off of the trip. That included slowing down for two very famous speed traps that everyone knows about except for the tourists, and the pickins were good cause they had a few at both spots. Poor bastards...

Stay tuned for next week when we go to visit the Harley dealer :D
Warrensburg Missouri, Davo. That would be quite a ride to make it to New York from here in just a few hours :D... The Rocket is fast, but...

Actually Warrensburg Missouri is a nice town, it is the home of Central Missouri State University which is a rather large school, and has many beautiful buildings that are older. In fact most of the town seems to be older and has a certain charm to it, we saw many older Victorian style homes that were just beautiful.

Our original plan was to ride out to Whiteman Air Force Base after lunch and take a few pics of the Stealth Bomber practice runs they usually have every Sunday afternoon, Whiteman is just a few miles from Warrensburg. We sat in the resturant for so long it ruined the rest of our plans for the afternoon. We will try it again in a few weeks... I think we will skip lunch this time :D

Well, if you do visit your local memorabilia dealer, check HD's new child loyalty enhancement line out (true HD corporate claim to marketing flair, which I posted on Rocket Science months ago). From " my Dad rides a HD" vanilla-flavored, lick-able tatoo's to screamin' ... er... seagull training pants, with discounted VRod Night Sleeper's on display for generally childless, terminally infantile, adults :cool:
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Well, if you do visit your local memorabilia dealer

Some of the guys I work with are die hard HD guys. Every once and a while I'll stop by the local dealership (I call it the t-shirt and shot glass store) with them. Usually there is a group of salesmen just inside the front doors lined up ready for the next sucker. When I walk in I usually say something like "Holy crap, they sell motorcycles here too? Wow!" Goes over really good, especially when one wears a Triumph hat and/or shirt.
:rolleyes: Tom,
Did your friend on the Harley know to down shift? Shouldn't have had the problems he had if he had downshifted. When I rode my 1100 when I hit those hills or passed anything I usually just downshifted and had no problems. But of course I didn't hit the usual 110mph like I do on the Rocket :p