How About Sunday - October 21st ?


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Well, here I go again trying to get a few of us together to ride. It's been over a year since Tom, Brian, Rusty, Raymond and myself have gone on an outing. Any word from Hondax ?

Maybe BBQ in Sedalia or a quick run to Lawrence for an afternoon bite.

Just throwing it out to everyone in the KC area. I'm getting tired of riding alone !!!!!!
Just checked with the "family scheduler" and sounds like I am clear for Sunday too. Keep me posted & we'll tally up some miles again.

Thanks D! And maybe I'll finally get to meet Pigger.
Not In The Cards turns out Pat's memorial service will be Sunday afternoon and the weather says chance of shower and high gusty winds ( up to 35 mph ) in the morning.

Let's call it off and keep trying for a later date.