Home Sweet Home...Afghan style


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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I was able to catch the mail run convoy (lucky for me), no suicide bombers, motorcyclists, cars, trucks or camels (I've heard that camels are really messy) on the way down from Bagram, most of the snow in this area has melted from the mountain peaks...just a touch left on a few of them.

Now that I'm back in God's...I mean Allah's country, it's great to be back and start counting the days down till I leave again for the last time. My own bed felt pretty good, now that I'm unpacked, I'll just have to count them down.

Have a change in my dtg count, it still is at 38, I leave on the 14th and am home on the 15th of May, I was thinking home on the 14th (could still happen, once my replacement is trained, all bets could be off).

Loaded onto the computer all my pictures of my new Rocket today, great memories, it's all I've got for now...the days should go down pretty fast, they usually do. This forum is good entertainment to help speed it along.
38 dtg!
Nothing quite like the feel of ones own bed.
Quite a cold snap happening across the country, including Florida panhandle. Down below freezing Saturday morn. That's got to be close to a record for April,.......and you are all snug, surrounded by your familiar digs.....boy are you one lucky cuss.:D

Be save!