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Feb 25, 2006
We are going to make a change to the way the Home page or Front page is displayed. It is just a different module and will just be a different presentation... everything will still be there. We may have a bug or two.. hopefully minor, things like uploading avatars or possibly online status... just things that we will have to get the new module to accept. I think you'll like it...

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Our new "Home Page" layout is under "Home" now, and our former layout is under "Forums". As a current member your bookmark or cookies might be taking you directly to the "Forums" page... if that's the way you like it, just leave it there. If you want to go to the new "Home" you may have to clear your cookies, or change your bookmark. Or you can simpy click on "Home" and go there.
Forlorn Language Threads

Maybe we should just axe them, shouldn't we? Rocket III internet communities already existed in France and Germany and are reportedly emerging in Italy. And from the little feedback I got, their members would rather stick to a home language forum:confused:
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

wilbur-t said:

Click our heels three times? :confused:

Rockets and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
Watch out for the flying monkeys............

Truth came knocking at my door and I said "Go away, I'm looking for political correctness.":flame: