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Apr 25, 2007
Quantico, VA
Hello, all...
Picked up a brand, spanking new '07 Rocket yesterday - having trouble typing as my hands are tired from holding on so tight! Full Jardine set on it - and it rumbles like it hates anything below mach 1...
Anyway, this is the second triumph I now own; have an '03 Speedy that I am bobbing and making a 'bar scoot' (replaces my recently sold '71 Bonnie). Still have one Harley left - an 05 chop I built when I got home from Iraq - but I may have a buyer...
I am a US Marine (hence the strange business trips), currently stationed in the DC area, and look forward to chatting - feel like a novice; thought I understood vertical twins - but this monster looks like I got a lot to learn...hope to see you on the road soon..;)
Welcome aboard gunfighter. Hope the Rocket finds a comfortable place under your butt. If not, it'll travel down the road without you in the saddle if you "over-twist". Keep it under ya and :) real big for everyone to see.

Have fun, keep us updated and post some photos now and again of the new baby. We all like to see what the new Rockets look like.
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Welcome gunfighter!!

If you have tired hands from holding on it's just going to get worse. Every time you go out to ride you will be re-addicted (is that word?) and come back with the same injury. For me... its a sore shoulder :D.... I don't care, I'll probably just end up with really long arms.


Welcome aboard, enjoy the new vertical triple, it is a lot different from any bike out there.
16 dtg!
Welcome Gunfighter

Nice to see another R/3 in the area. I too enjoy the Jardine rumble. Post some photos when you get a chance.
Semper Fi


Glad you've joined us and most of all.......thank you for your service to this country. See, Army guys can be nice to Marines!

I think you'll find the Rocket an interesting piece of work. It seems to provide the ultimate platform for whatever level of riding skill you want to apply. It can be just a nice " drive around the neighborhood" mode of transportation or it can easily become the " Hold on for dear life" ride. When you need more.........all you have to do is ask.

Interestingly, there are quite a few gummit people on this site, either directly, indirectly or retired.

Have fun with your bike, come join in the discussions and poked humor (I do my share of poking). Lots of good folks here without the usual bs that seems to accompany most sites.
Welcome Gunfighter. After such a spectacular entrance here , please don't disappoint. In other words, keep on posting, questioning, arguing, agreeing, joking... dicussing . All the best. Jamie;)