Hill Country RAT Raid


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Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
Is anyone on here plannning on attending the Hill Country RAT Raid this Nov 2nd - 4th? I am looking at it, but would like to know if some others are going too? It's alot to pay to ride the hill country, when I can ride it most any weekend if I want to, but I'd sure like to meet some fellow Rocket owners....

I would be interested but the weather is such an unknown at that time of the year. I'd like to meet some fellow Captains myself, can't say that I know any. Actually I've met two on two different occasions in Hico, but only briefly. How much is it? I'll be in Waco this Sat. Morning buying a front tire at Euro Sports (ouch:eek:). I think I could put a set of tires on my truck for what the front and back cost. If I do get to go this Nov. I hope to be sporting my Russel Day Long saddle. Hope we get to hook up this Nov. Speaking of Nov. I'm sure ready for cooler weather. :D
Haven't heard much interest in this so far. One problem for the Hill Country Rat Raid is the Lone Star Rally in Galveston is happening at the same time, and it is one of the largest rallies in Texas. I am still debating on going to the Rat Raid though. I know the wife would enjoy it riding her Trophy up there.

I've met RidinSunshine and her man, Bear who both ride Rockets. They are really great people. We've tried to hook up and get some riding in this summer, but it just never has happened.. and now with kids' school, soccer, barrel racing, etc.. It sure is tough to squeeze in some riding time!.. lol
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RAT Nov 1 - 4

Bear and one or two other Rocket Captains might be able to meet up with you. I have had that raid listed on my calendar to remind me for some time. We occasionally ride with one from Brady that you might have met before. His wife finally got her a trike and she is all smiles. And there is another one from Tow (close to Llano) that we ride with sometimes. He is not as able a rider so we try to either ride short easy rides with him or just meet him at Luchenback.
Anyway, I mentioned it to Bear this morning. He said he might be interested in seeing whats up for one of those days. But like you, he won't want to pay the hotel bill. Especially when we live so close.
If I get to go it will have to be in cage. And that is sacreligious. So probably won't go. I finally found out why I have gotten so ill easily for sometime now. Seemed like I was getting stomach virus or problems with lots of food for long time. Anyway, turned out I had a malfunctioning galbladder with lots of stones in it. I did surgery last Tuesday. I am on a 5lb weight restriction for 4 weeks. So that rules out my bike. And Bear is worried about me riding passenger with him in case something was to happen and then I rip open my incisions. I go back for follow-up with doc tomorrow and maybe getting stitches removed, not sure. Maybe I can talk to him about it.

But definately let us know if you figure out a meeting place.
Good hearing from you. Hate to hear about the surgery, but glad you know what was going on now!

I don't know if I/we will make the RAT Raid or not either. I would really like to but soccer season is going on.. barrel racing is going on.. all kinds of stuff.. yuk
Well, I got the go ahead on Friday that I can ride Next weekend if I want to. Yippee!:D:):eek: I just have to be careful. So if anyone wants to meet up I am game! So just let me know. I won't be on the site Wed through Friday. Gotta work thing in Dallas. But can check back Friday night or Saturday morning.
RAT raid

Looks like I'm going, all by my lonesome but should be fun any way. Don't know what to expect since I've never been to a RAT raid. I think the temps should be any where from the 40's to 70's. The 40's are kinda cool for me but I know that's T shirt weather for Flip:D
I really wish I could have made this, but just too much stuff going on this week. We will have to meet up again somtime. Maybe at Luckenbach or Albert, TX is a pretty cool place too.
Snuff andTxRIIIRider (Dave) I sent you each messages. I Think we can meet up with you guys. Not sure if you will be able to get your messages in time. When I was getting in this evening and went through Fbrg I saw a black one parked in front of courthouse. Got me excited!