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Jan 11, 2008
Hindman KY
Hey nice forum,Im currently looking to buy a R3,I went and looked at one yesterday,very very nice,so whats are the cons to the bike,I looked at a 2005,what is a 2005 with 4000 miles worth,it did have about $4000 in extras,thanks in advance for help.
what's you love worth to you

check with Triumph of Chattanooga for an '06Classic or '07 TourER (NOT to be confused with the forthcoming '08 TourING). With 4k of extras I'll wager it's got a load of OEM baggage, a Classic no less and a tourer wannabe; unless you're talking headers and a worn out blower? I hesitate to put a figure on it...10-13k maybe for an '05. Keeping in mind that bling diminishes with time. They aren't collector machines yet! Some people might put near 10 or 15k into one and expect they have more than a base '05 when the end of the enchantment comes to pass. There are exceptions of course! It's sorta like home improvements and mRVI (max return values for investments).

Depending upon your riding style an 05 can be all you want. Some of our friends here have 05s with zero issues. Other's, like myself, can mangle a new anvil.
Welcome speedfreak. The later the model the more wrinkles that have been ironed out. But on the other hand there are many early models that owners haven't had a single problem. To find out the bad and the ugly do a search about output shaft bearing, lower timing chain and idle problems.
newer ones have air injection on them and full cat boxes....

welcome aboard... where bouts in Kentucky are you? I ride up to Tollesboro and lexington all the time
I from the southeastern Ky,around Hazard,not far from the Virginia line,the 05 I looked at had a full Jardine exhaust,heated grips,hard corbin beetle bags,and other odds and ends
Welcome aboard.
The biggest con to owning a Rocket is getting that s**t eating grin off your face!
Buy it, have fun.
I feel like a kid in a candy store,and I have'nt even drove one yet lol the guy at the dealership started that 05 model up with a full jardine exhaust,wow Im in love,I have beautiful custom ninja,but the Rocket is a dream bike for sure!!!!!!
custrom zx7r ninja for sale 2400 miles

The bike is forsale if anyone is looking for a low mileage custom sport bike,send me a pm.