Hi All, from Joker


Feb 18, 2007
Hello from sunny Cheshire, England. Recently picked up an 04 in red with 11,000 miles, Corbin seat and Beetles, summer screen, TORs (cat delete to follow shortly), sissy bar and it came with a huge grin! Just waiting for the temp to climb before giving it too much stick. Then I'll need new brake pads up front and a new back tyre. Then of course it'll be a Tuneboy, better breathing arrangements................... I thought I'd bought the ideal bike until I started reading what you guys are up to. Ah well, it's only money, the kids would only squander it anyway!!
Joker's Are Wild

Just like the card game.....you'll get wild and crazy ( in a safe way ) when you ride the beast. I never got around to having children so there's less guilt in spending money on the R3.

One of my favorite bumper snickers says, " I bought this with my kid's inheritance ".
My second favorite is, " You're looking at the kid's college fund ".

All the Best......!
I'm always close to the last to welcome people and I'm on here all the time...Gaaaa Mehhhh.

Anyway... welcome Joker, we are glad to have you join up. The weather is starting to turn here, so hopefully your will be better soon. One of our local weather dweebs had a chart up showing that our average temp for March was already close to 8 degrees F higher than normal so spring is kicking in quickly (for us anyway).
Welcome joker. I developed a hotel in Cheshunt England in the 80's. Is that anywhere near you? Lovely place you get to ride in. Now as far as fixing up the bike you can listen to all these gearheads describe how you can spend thousands on devices to increase horsepower that you don't need, or you could listen to me and just paint it black!:cool: