I'm envious! jealous! I'm only 90 miles away and I still can't make it. Have one for me too.. ;) Will be putting the Rocket in a car/bike show this weekend, should be pretty cool... except it has to sit there all day when I could be riding.. oh well. I don' t do shows that often, so it will be fun..
I was supposed to be there, with the Texas Posse, but have been dealing with some back pain and stayed home. Most of them ride BMW's today, but still go down there for the "additional activities".

Upload some pictures if you can. I'm not sure everyone knows what goes on down there :cool: :bch: :cool:
Home safe and sound.

I will try and get a picture our two on before I leave for CA. this afternoon. I can tell you one thing they are proud of that rally. It is 50$ to get into the main grounds, ouch.
Well Paul, I finally got the bike out of the backyard. Moving into a house with a garage in 5 days, so I shouldn't have any problems making the next ROT rally. :D

Needless to say, I had some fun today getting rid of the cobwebs. And hey, no tickets!