Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
It started about a year ago when Triumph would put a picture of a new part/accessory in either the Torque magazine or in their catalog. They also gave it a part number ......and yet when you ordered, it wasn't available. THEN WHY PUT IT OUT WITH A PART NUMBER?

Now I've just spent a few months try to get an Arai Helmet and the same thing happens. They list it in their catalog, issue a number to it and then after a few months of waiting you find out they can't deliver! Now I try to get the helmet with the built in rear view mirror but they don't have them for sale in the USA.

Anyone else experiencing the same delemia?
You can buy those mirrors at a bicycle shop.... don't know if they would work at 80 mph though...
I may be mistaken but I'm also very interested in that rear view helmet by Reevu that was introduced last year in England and produced in Italy I believe. Novel concept as they were in the process of getting Dot certified.I may have to wait for it longer so will just get a Nolan :confused: