Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Can I ask a big favor please? I lost my password to the R3owners.com site and
requested a new password. The email tells me to click on the link, but when I
do, it says "not authorised." Would you make a post in the general forum asking
to whom it concerns to help TALLTXGUY33 get back into the site.

Hey, I owe ya a Jack and Coke minus the Coke (I'am to dumb to help scott here...) sombody help him ,Its good for a stiff shot for me..Jack

Sorry I took so long,was out washing spike.Didn't get your email till about 1250. Tomo will fix u up. Jack and crown royal TeHe
Hey Jack.... Did he loose his password to this site (R3Owners.net) or to the Dot Com site? If its this site I can fix him up but I don't pack much weight over at the Dot Com :eek:...

FYI... even if you forget your password you can still PM myself and ask for help...
I'm good here. I lost my password at the .com site and can't get back in. I keep trying for a new passoword, but it tells me 'not authorised' when I hit the link in my email.
Good luck, I changed my e-mail and ended up in the same boat, the quick fix didn't work then either, I e-mailed several times with no responce. I left them a nasty e-mail and havn't been back. :p

Boy am I stupid...But u guys already knew that..I think that site is having problems..Sorry talltex There goes my drink...Jack & coke
Gunshots said:

Good luck, I changed my e-mail and ended up in the same boat,
That's interesting... they must be trying to block spam by blocking multiple Email Addys from the same single user, or possibly your change request is awaiting approval from the admin who must be absent...

Just so you guys know:

You can change all your info on this site by clicking on "User CP" in the upper left. Once you've entered your password you can make changes automatically.

If you can't log on for some reason... You can still PM The Administrator (Me :D) or any of the Moderators and ask for help. I can always give you a new password and you can change it using the "User CP" menu.

The "User CP" has many features that some of you may not have explored, such as email notification of posts.... ect.

You guys are welcome to come and go as you please. If you like visiting other forums that's not a problem with us...We really don't care. If you look through here you won't find much forum bashing, life's too short. We may not link to certain websites or forums, but that's mostly due to the fact they may be hostile to us, or they won't trade links, or it may be a form of spam. We don't like to actively send traffic away when the bills are being paid by our advertisers. In reality, we are pretty liberal with this... we have a lot of links to other places.