Hello Texas Captains!


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Jun 10, 2006
Beaumon t, Tx
Hi Y'all! Is anyone up for getting a group together at the North Texas Rock Rally? It will be just south of Dallas/Ft Worth area the weekend of July 21-23. Should be a huge party weekend, lots of bands, custom builders, rides, etc. I believe Hooters is somehow involved with it also (tickets are available there,)along with several other companies.
The Main Website is Here
And the event flier is Here

I'm planning on leaving from Beaumont and would love to get a group of us together for the ride, or during the weekend. I dont mind all the attention the R3 gets by myself, but it would sure be fun to make a show up with several together. Feel free to email or PM me if interested and I'll be glad to leave my phone#.

If ya cant make the event, a group Rocket Ride seems like it would be a blast! I've got the only one in Beaumont, and its getting lonely at the top..lol. Until then, I'll slow down and keep riding with the V-twins.

I'm kinda new to R3owners.net, but sure have enjoyed the site. Only had my R3 for 2 weeks and absolutely L:D VE it. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

RacerTex... Big John

Welcome to the forum and good to hear from another Texas Rocketeer. Sure are lots of Lone Stars With Rockets. Wish I could join in the fun but live a bit too far away and have a bit two many obligations.:(

Rocket sure does draw the crowds.:D
Hey RacerTex!!

Since you linked to the North Texas Rock Rally from here... I see they have a link trading section.... be so kind as to have them add our site to their links...:D Hey... a little shameless self promotion never hurt :eek:

Hello Tom & Hondax!

Tom, I'll be glad to send a msg to the webmaster asking them to. I am not affilliated with them in any way, the links were for info only. Just hoping to get a few other R3 riders along for the party.

Hope to meet some of Yall soon!

Welcome aboard! Someone about a month ago was pushing for us to go. Can't remember who it was but think it was someone we were visiting with at Luckenbach or Albert. We are going to pass on this rally this year. Pricey for entrance for such a new event. Maybe in a year or two we will give it a shot. My Honey Bear and I usually pick two events to go to some time during the year and then just ride the rest of the time. You know budget budget budget :rolleyes:

Well hope you get some takers and you have a blast!
Welcome RacerTex!
There's getting to be quite a few of us Texas Rocket owners. Maybe one of these days we can have a Rocket rally somewhere in the Hill Country. That would be really neat.
Sounds Great, Tx. There's some beautiful runs in the hill country. I work shift work, so my days off always change, but it would be great to have a R3 ride one weekend. Canyon Lake, Lukenbach, I' ready!!
Hi racetex

Give me a shout; I am just down the road in League City. Which is about 30 min. as the Rocket fly's or an 1hr. by car. Drop me a line maybe we can get together.
Count me in. I live in Kansas City but have relatives and friends in Dallas I would like to see this summer. Keep me posted as it gets closer on where you guys plan to link up. However, as I recall from my youth, a bike rally in Texas requires a minimum 4 day stay at a Betty Ford clinic afterwards!:bch:
Texas Bike Rally

Open invite to any Rocket rider who wants to come to the Lone Star bike Rally in November this year. You can Stay with me, or pitch a tent in the back yard. I live 20 min. from Galveston and it is a great time I promise. As a matter of fact you can stop by any time and crash take a shower / freshin up.