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Sep 3, 2007
Twin Cities MN. USA

I am new to Rocket and was hooked on one road test. I thoght my Harley Bagger was pretty hot at 121 horse with 108 torque [ FLHT ] but the Rocket puts it to shame. I have owned most types of bikes but have to say this one impresses me most! I can already see the hook going deeper with the growing list of ad on's.......
Can't wait till the warm weather return's here to Minnesota.:)


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yea, I know the feeling

One test ride hooked me too.
The guy at the dealer said "what cha use to?"
I said 1340, why?
He said " this thing got me off Hardleys"
"sure it did" I said"
He threw me the key and said "Take her for a spin"
I came back, must have been grinning from ear to ear.
He said "how many do you want?"
three I said, but I can't afford but one.
I wrote the check.
So I can relate.
welcome to the wild side of life.
To GOD be the glory,
Welcom to the Grin Bin:D All of us here have pretty much the same story. The novelty will wear off, It's the grin that last forever:D. (at least till the first rear tire replacement) :mad:
Welcome. Your post and story are identical to mine. I had a '03 SE Road King. I've been on my '06 Rocket Classic since May and STILL;) DON'T REGRET A THING:D:D

You will not be disappointed.
Welcome to HD group therapy.

I test rode a Rocket to get a free t-shirt. That ended up being the most I have ever paid for a shirt.

There are lots of good ideas of where to spend your money here.
Welcome Jeepster09,

There are more X-Harley riders on this site than missing teeth at a Merle Haggard concert. (I'm from the South and it is OK for me to say that.) Please jump in often, all aspects of Rocket ownership are covered here, from bling to technical issues. That is good looking Jeep in your Avatar. I have owned a couple of them through the years and always got great service with a high fun factor.