Hello from SE Houston, TX


.040 Over
Mar 27, 2007
Hi all - -

Got my '06 Rocket Classic (Red and Black) from British-USA in June 2006. Now have 4400 very happy miles on my ride. Been on the other forum for quite a while and decided to join here too (mainly because of the LoneStar group).

Shifting into 1st is a rite of passage for all Rocket owners. Everyone has their own trick. Mine is to let it idle in neutral, then quickly pull the clutch in while tapping down into first. Works every time! I also always downshift into 1st before stopping. Like to have it in gear for a quick launch if necessary. The acceleration is insane and is always good therapy.

My rocket seems to have the same collection of sounds and quirks as most others. Ticking at idle sounds like sloppy lifters in a 302-V8. Slipping out of 2nd under very hard acceleration. Idle fussiness if you back off the throttle too quickly in stop-and-go traffic.

Accessories include the roadster screen, short sissy bar, backrest and luggage rack, and the lower air deflectors (great improvement in buffeting).

Sounds like we have a view captains in the Clear Lake area. Maybe we'll cross paths at the South Shore Beer Garden or along one of my favorite routes.

Some of my favorites:

1. 146N from Seabrook to 99E, 1405N, 565E, 2354S, loop back around to 99W and 146S. (The Beach City Loop).

2. 225W to 610S, to 288S, to 2004N to 1764E, to 146N. (The Angleton Loop).

3. 146N to 321N to 1960W to 2100S to 330S to 146S. (The Dayton Loop).

4. Same as #3, but keep going north on 321 until you reach 1008. Loop back south through Kenefick, through Dayton, and back south down 146. Kenefick is truly BFE and deliverance territory, so fuel up and watch out for road hazards.

And my favorite . . .

5. 146S to 45S to Harborside exit. 87N to the Bolivar ferry. Cross Galveston Bay and take 87N to 124N, 1985W to 562N, 562N turns into 61N. Take it to Hwy 90W, to 146S and back home. (Don't take I-10W. Too much construction and truck traffic with no escape route).

See yawl around.
Thanks for joining up, Txclassic!!

I just put the Lone Star Rider's Group up two nights ago.. it seems that no one has joined as of yet. We have a good number of Rocket Captains who visit this website from Texas so I thought I'd give it a try. You could be the first to become a member!

If you look at the navigation bar above and to the left you will see "User CP", click on that and when the new page opens look at the menu to the left. Almost at the bottom there is a button for "Group Memberships", click on that and join up. It will ask you for a reason why you want to join... just put anything in there like "Because I want to" :D. The question thing is built into the V bulletin software and I really don't need a reason. The request will come to me and I will approve it next time I log on...

The Kansas City guys use their group subforum quite a bit so it can be useful. You can use it for local news, general BS, to plan rides or just to meet up.. I can also tailor the software so only group members can see it, right now its set up so any registered member can view it but only Lone Star members can post or reply...

Anyway... welcome to our website and please do join in... and please ignore the livestock jokes..

Hi and welcome...
I grew up in Baytown and know all of those roads all to well.. :) I live in San Antonio now, but do head that way on occaision to visit family.. :) I love visiting British USA, it's been a while since I've been there.

Already Up To Speed

Welcome to this side of the street and it looks like you arrived in 5th gear. It's a whole different ride after several thousand miles under your belt. Take advantage of the Texas Riders Group that Tomo set up. It's been helpful and fun using the one for KC.
Thanks for the hospitality guys. Good to see so many TX rocket captains out there.

Forgot to mention, my first ride on my Rocket was the ride home! These forums convinced me this was the one to have. Past experience on Suzuki GS750 ES, Honda CX500 and Ninja 600R does not even begin to compare to that wonderful torque grin you get from the Triumph.

After you get used to the acceleration, you forget when riding with other friends that they don't have the same performance. Most times, I'm waiting at the next light for them to catch up.

Looking forward to picking up on all the great experience available on this forum.

another texan says hi

Hey Txclassic--

Pig9r about said it all, "half of this site must be from Texas"... :D

Hi, I've only been a member for a few days, and have enjoyed this site tremendously. Hope we can ride together some day.

By the way, St. Joseph Hospital on Fannin St. in Houston, should have been indicted for contributing to the delinquency of the biking community as I was born there. Learned to dodge cages in Houston at the tender age of 10 too. (Used to sneak my cousins Tiger Cub out when he wasn't home).

Hill country ride maybe this summer sounds like a good idea. I'm good for a weekend trip, but the honey-do jar starts yellin' if I get more than 2 days away from the house.

Coming back from Rita evacuation, we took I-35 from Dallas, then US-77 south from Waco all the way to I-10. Good riding territory someday. Also a good opportunity to check out Eurosport.

Downtown Houston on a Rocket . . . Hmm. Think I'd rather try Deals Gap!