Hello from Los Angeles...


Standard Bore
Apr 30, 2007
La La Land, CA
I just got my Rocket 3 two weeks ago I didn’t want to post til I got it out of the break-in period so I could really comment on it without any limitations.
Well I went over a 1000 miles last Thurs. and I spent the weekend really having fun with it. Man I love this bike! I am a recovering sport bike rider and I thought the Rocket would make for a smooth transition in to the cruiser world.
All day comfort and still makes me “holy….!” when I kick it in the nuts.
What I am really (and unexpectedly) impressed with is how well behaved it is at low speeds.
I also have to admit I get a huge kick out of the fact people are constantly asking me what the hell is that and how big is its engine. Sport bikes give me thumbs up and Harley guys do double takes. I had to bring my HJC flip face helmet out of retirement so I didn’t have to yell through my full face to answer questions at stop lights about it.
I get that much attention on it, well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys that:)
The first thing I did to my Rocket was put a back rest and gel dual touring seat on it for my girlfr…er, fiancé.
After taking her for a spin on it with the new set up the first thing she said once she got her helmet off was “lets spend memorial day weekend taking it up the coast to San Francisco.”
How’s that for a glowing endorsement!
On my sport bike all she would say is “can we stop now?!”
Well hope to see some of you other rocketeers on road.
Welcome Sethch..Heres a pict. of my son for you. Watch out for old preverts here..Crazy Jack
Wow...that is really cool!
You've definetly taken it to the next level.
I think I'm just going to do the "Silencer Upgrade" and change my exhaust tips to the "C style". That should be it though, well MAYBE a windvest windshield.
I guess I'm kinda boring, but I pretty much like the way the stock rocket 3 looks.:eek:
Glad You're Here

Sethch....... Welcome to Captain status. Sounds like you're a candidate for "Iron Butt of the Year" with all those miles put on so quickly. The ride to SF will be beautiful; especially around Big Sur and Monteray.

Spent a year at Sunset and La Cienega back in '75. Hope you enjoy your ride and as far as you liking the stock look..... that's just fine.
A Fellow Angeleno

I also live in LA, on the West side. So far I haven't seen a single other Rocket on the road; only at the dealer. I bought mine last August at Southbay Triumph. I've got about 4500 miles on it, trouble free, and mostly on the daily commute downtown and back. This is by far the most exciting bike I've ever owned.

I've added the Windvest screen and I really like it. I also have the short backrest and sissy bar, and two extra clocks - the clock and the fuel gauge. I'm about to add an alarm, Icon shocks, and the pullback bars. At 155 lbs, I find the OEM shocks do nothing but propel me out of the seat on every non-trivial bump in the road.

Best of luck with yours. Maybe we'll spot each other on the road.