Hello from Kentucky--Again


Standard Bore
Jan 14, 2008
Nice to be part of this forum. Live in Vine Grove,Ky; I ride a mustard yellow and black engine R3 bought in Sept 06, currently with close to 10k miles. Member of the local Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Very much enjoy the group riding I do with them. Love my R3 and cannot wait for warmer weather to return.

Is your's the same color as mine??
If so we don't use the word mustard to discribe it we use scorched yellow:flame: because we move so fast. We don't want the black colored bikes any more ammo against us they already think they are faster.
I like that area and we should get together so you can show me the lay of the land. That is as soon as I get my second Rocket broken in and have most of my goodies. Good to have you here. Seems like I missed a few sneaking in here but all are welcome.
Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed It's a Kentucky take over! Welcome to the site. There is almost enough of you guys to make a complete set of teeth. Sorry...bad hillbilly joke. :eek: Good to have you guys, I'm with you, I'm ready for warmer weather.

I am also from the Kentucky and currently looking to buy one of these awesome machines,I'm live in the Jackson,Hazard`area,cmon spring.