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Feb 5, 2021
2021 Rocket 3 GT
Hi guys, just wanted to say hello, just found this forum and learning more about my new rocket from your experience. I just got a 2021 Rocket 3 GT in Florida, USA. I had been riding motorcycles for more than 30 years, had all kind of motorcycles, and currently besides the R3, I have a CRF and a CBR, for different kind of rides. I will be 50yo this year, and I was looking to give myself a motorcycle than can make me laugh when riding it, be nimble, have bragging rights (amazing how many people stop me to say how much they like the bike), and a better sitting position for longer exploratory rides ( I have a cabin by the tail of dragon in NC and want to ride the R3 often from FL to NC instead of going in my truck). This R3 sits perfectly for me between an sport cruiser and a sport bike.

I was considering other options, Harleys (power is not there, not matter what the salesman says), Goldwing (great motorcycle, maybe when I get 70yo I'll get one), k1600 (I didn't liked that at all), zx14 ( I had one already and got stolen, insurance is expensive, riding position not good for a long ride). I can appreciate how pushing a couple buttons I can adjust the windshield in a Goldwing and remove all wind buffeting, or heat my butt, or make the wife happier, but, no, no now. Wife is happy enough in this R3 for short rides, and she wont do the long ones with me (which is fine for me right now, who knows, if mustang decides to make a very comfy seat for her or somebody makes some kind of back rest no butt grabber), so... priorities.

I have fun every time I ride this R3. Most likely I will sell my CBR later on, I know I will have enough fun riding this R3 in the mountains, not need for breaking speed records at the same time, and now I can watch and enjoy the mountains without overheating the crown jewels not just the flashing highway lines.

I like to keep my motorcycles for quite some time, so I like to do maintenance and stuff like that to keep them in top shape. Hence, I am here to learn more. I know this R3 is not expected to require that much maintenance.

Thank you for all the advice provided in the forum


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Nov 2, 2013
Timmins, Ontario
2012 Rocket Roadster
You Pica the righta bika... That is one fine looking ride. Have fun on the beast. Would love to see some photos of it on the Dragon....
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