Hello from Charleston SC


.020 Over
Feb 11, 2007
Summerville SC
Just purchased a 2005 Rocket with about 600 miles on it. Red..fast...and already modding. Got 11.5 progressive shocks, jardines, pc III, dual gel seat - roadster, mirrors and already modded the plate to show that awesome 240. Looking forward to learning a lot here and hopefully riding with some of you in the future.

Todd Hausen
Summerville SC
Hi Todd, welcome and make yourself at home. I was a Charleston resident for 6 weeks this last fall while going through some training for my new job. Great town and lots of great places to ride.

My little brother lives there in Charleston. Nice area. The girlfriend an I are planning on riding the dragon on the weekend of May 26 if you are interested.
Welcome Thausen

You do live in a beautiful area, thinking about heading that way when my wife pulls the pin in about 3 years. Got to know, where did you remount your license plate, side or fender. I have a great looking lighted fender mount plate holder and HD Duce turn signals, but I am still am having trouble getting the drill out for the fender. Jump in often and good to see another ocean dweller join, alot of guys here come from a land that has "flying monkeys." It's a good friendly site with great info....
Hey Todd,just down from Gooscreek,just a hop from Monks Corner,guess you know of place called, beautiful downtown Ladson.Know the area well and will be back as I have lots of family there.Can't wait to take the bike and renew old places and people.Good place here and you have done quite a bit already.How the Coach doing?
license plate

The plate on the rear end is relocated with stock signals using the license plate relocate kit on ebay. It is excellent quality and an easy install. If you cant find it, let me know and I'll post the link.

Todd Hausen