Official Captain Status

Glad you hopped on board..... Pedro. Looks like you're coming into your spring months so you should be getting a bunch of good riding time the next 6 months.
Good choice on a great ride Pedro. Give us some pedigree on the original year of introduction or did you get it new? Please keep the rubber side down at all times and take a rider coarse occasionally. I'm kind of like the old lady of the group since I tested my red 06 to total destruction on a curve that held 672 times but not the 673rd.:( This is a great site excluding the references to farm implements and barnyard animals played with in ghastly fashion.:eek:
Thanks for the welcome guys.

Brought the R3 December 2004, brand new. Best thing I ever did, what a machine.
Have made a few mods. Nev's Lock-up Clutch, Pods, Nev's Cams, Thunderbike 3-2 Exhaust, Thunderbike T-Bar, Kuryakyn Grips, Gel passenger seat, Progressive 440's.

Yes guys, the weather is just starting to get good. It should last for six months or so.
One more thing, Got rid of that **** paint can rattle.:D Crank cam gear and key were quite worn.