Hello Fellow Smilers


Standard Bore
Apr 12, 2006
I'm Kelly, I Have A Blue With Light Blue Tribal 06 Rocket, Its The Second Bike
I've Owned, The First Was A 97 Zx7 Ninja, And Yes Every Where I Go On The
Rocket I Can't Help But Smile.
I'm Looking To Get A New Seat, Exaust, And Either Have Some One Make Or Buy
Some Forward Controls.
I'm A Big Guy 6'6" 350#, The Seats Not So Great(sock Single), I'm Thinking Of
A Corbin "fast Gun". Do Any Of You Recomend It?
Also Looking At Staintune Pipe, But I Have Not Heard Any,
Looking For Fellow Rocket Owners In Phx/mesa Az Area
Thanks For Time
hey Kelly!!!

Welcome aboard! I have a Corbin Fastgun and I like it. It looks good and for me anyway, I can stay in the saddle for more than 45 minutes. They are shockingly hard when you first get on them but after a few minutes you don't notice anymore. Sometime this weekend I will do a product evaluation with pics in the Prop Wand Section. I got a lot to do this weekend:eek:.... Don't be shy Kelly... I expect one post a day out of you :D:D... Just kidding, join in and have fun!

Welcome Kelly. You might want to take a look at the Classic model seat that is now a Triumph accessory. I have about 1700 miles on mine and have not had one case of monkey butt. It removes pretty easy and it seems like it would be pretty accommodating for someone of your stature.

As far as the smiling goes I have to wear a full faced helmet to keep the bugs out of my teeth.