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Dec 7, 2006
Saint George, Utah
Im new to this forum and after seeing the R3 in Vegas at Bike Week, I had to start looking into it deeper. So here I am, looking, reading, and Im sure soon I will be asking lots of questions.
Currenty riding a 2005 Harley Road Glide, and begining to evaluate all aspects of a "Harley", the ride and performance they have (or dont have) and everything else involved with owning it, Im looking at other and possibly better options at my disposal, this machine (the Rocket) has my deepest interest right now.
Anyway, I wanted to say howdy before I start nose'in around to much.:bch:

A lot of us have had or still do have Harleys. After you buy a Rocket the Harley turns into a yard ornament. I take it you haven't test ridden a Rocket yet...:D its an amazing motorcycle...

And I would like every to know that I approved a new member who isn't a spammer :eek:... so ED... don't start posting spam on me :D:D

Welcome again and do join in!!!

Hey Wolfx, once your mind starts thinking of the Rocket, there is no turning back. You can't think of anything else. Wondering what it will be like "Rocketing" around on a unit that most others have no idea of what the thrill is like. Once bitten, you will have a hard time putting your butt on anything else & enjoying it to the level the Rocket will give.

Make a good decision, Make a Rocket decision.

Good luck, and be seein' ya.;)

hello wolfx,
when I was searching for my next bike I happened upon a triumph dealership. just seeing the rocket there in the showroom I was very impressed, but after I sat on it I was convinced that its the one I wanted. I didnt even bother with the test ride. I ended up buying, that was over two years ago and I am still as impressed with it today as ever.
I dont think you would regret it. bob
Welcome. I frequently ride with guys that have HD's. Mostly Ultra Classics. They are always talking about which cup holder is better etc. There are a lot more creature comforts available from the factory with a HD, but they just aren't as fun to ride as the Rocket.

Do yourself a favor and go take a test ride at your nearest dealer. That is what sold me.
Do yourself a favor and go take a test ride at your nearest dealer. That is what sold me.[/quote]
That's what sold me also, Go to the nearest dealer, ride one, and tell us what you think..
Nearest dealer is in Vegas and this weekend is out......in fact the test ride might have to wait till Jan. I do have alot of snooping around to do and research but so far I am really getting into this machine.:)
Watch Out

Glad to have you here at the forum. Half of the fun in getting anything new is the dreaming, planning and if you're not a bachelor..... figuring out how to get spousal approval! Whatever you decide ....... ride safe.

As far as the Ad Campaign: What goes on in Vegas ....stays in Vegas. Well, if you buy the Rocket there be sure and tell them you can't let it stay there....you're going to have to take it home with you.
Hi Wolfx,a little late here as my laptop died.What I tell my fellow Harley riders is that they have a nice midsize bike there.:eek:Welcome to the place to discover true power potential.