Hello and thanks for all of the insights on Rockets ! New owner - Bike arrived- in North Carolina


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Dec 2, 2018
Cary, North Carolina, USA
2018 Rocket 3 Roadster

Update :
Bike arrived !
The delivery vehicle was huge... too big to fit into our neighborhood - so the Rocket was delivered from the big blue beast in the parking lot of a nearby abandoned gas station

2 folks who were working on fiber cable installation came over to have a look and asked what was going on so I explained that I was having a bike delivered.
The guysasked if it was a Harley and I replied that it was a cruiser style bike but was a Triumph - which - as usual - had them wondering if Triumph even still made motorcycles... when the driver (an awesome guy called Frenchy) rolled the beast out of the back and I explained that it was a 2.3L motorcycle - they were blown away .
Very cold start to its life - but looking forward to many miles of smiles !

Initial Post :

I have been lurking on this forum now for a few months as I did my homework on the Rocket 3 and I have to say that I am really impressed by the camaraderie and insights which you all share.
I just ordered a new Rocket 3 Roadster and you folks here and the Facebook page for R3 owners really helped me with the decision. Thank you !

The fact that this is such a truly worldwide community is also amazing since there are always slightly different perspectives from folks around the world which you can learn from.

I currently ride a Triumph Trophy SE which I plan to hold on to also and expect to have the Roadster in next couple of weeks !

I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland and have been living in North Carolina in the US now for 18 years. Married, 3 kids (two married, one at college) and now time to enjoy some quality time with my Good Lady.

Thanks for the guidance and the grins on the forum
- Mike
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loud and alive
Aug 15, 2018
london uk
08 rocket 3 classic ktm 990
Hi and a big welcome from the UK hope to see some pictures when you get her home.Not only have you a great bike you also have joined a great forum enjoy the experience:thumbsup:

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