raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Sorry guys, I have been away for a while. Working on a real estate deal in Cuba. I got a couple of PM's from Tom & Pianoman wondering why I fell off the face of the earth. Everything is good. Look forward to catching back up on the world of speed.:cool:
Welcome back...

Welcome back but the heck with the cigars.....any good pics of local population to share:)
You know what we want....:D SB.
Welcome Back Ray,

I'll venture to say you didn't see one Rocket in Cuba. Did you see anything gasoline powered newer than 1967? Fill us in when you get a chance....

I was getting concerned about your, well, well being. Besides, I was dreading not having you along on a ride next summer. IT'S TIME AGAIN................

I was the one who prompted Dave to give you a jingle. For a minute I thought you took up Indy Car Racing...........

Welcome back, You've been missed.
Hey Raymond, good to see your "typed words" again. We really were wondering what was up.

Glad you are safe at home again.

See ya.