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Feb 25, 2006
Yikes... I installed the heated grips today. Some observations:

1. They are smaller in diameter than the stock grips and have a pattern in them. Sometimes a pattern in the grips can be uncomfortable, I don't know about these yet, I haven't ridden it to find out.

2. If you do these yourself, you had better set aside 4 hours or so, it is somewhat complicated. The hardest part is running the grip wires through the handlebars and fishing them out a very small hole. You need small picks and a good light to do this. If this part doesn't go well it could add mucho time to the 4 hours.

3. The left grip wire didn't line up with the slot in the handlebar. It will only go on one way as the grip ends up being bolted to the bar. I am going back and will enlarge the slot in the bar so the wire will fit into it. The way it is now the wire is trapped between the inside of the grip and the handlebar and it could become a potential short. This is a manufacturer's defect if you ask me, but I am going to work around it. You won't be able to tell if I enlarge the slot and it doesn't need more than about an eighth of an inch.

4. The wire on the right grip (The throttle) has no provision for all the upcoming throttle twists it is going to have to put up with. It appears to be just plain wire. I have to wonder how long that wire is going to last... Time will tell.

5. I was able to work the old left grip off without cutting it. Stick a very narrow screwdriver between the grip and the handlebar and twist the screwdriver around as you pull on the grip. You can "walk" it off. If I hate the heated grips those can go back on.

Some picks of the old grips, the new heated ones and the switch housing. The switch housing isn't as bad as everyone has said (in real life).

They do work with the Throttlemiester, to adjust that I repostioned the Brake master cylinder housing to get the proper spacing.

They are very nice and toasty, I can see these being used often, probably more than you might think. There are a lot of cold summer morning rides to work where these will be the cat's meow...

I didn't realize you were putting them on today. Bart and I were discussing the grips while you were most likely putting them on. Like I said before, Bart didn't want to take everything apart and put them on. For that I don't blame him. Some folks have a bit more talent for that sort of thing than others. He (Bart) had enough trouble putting on the handlebar risers....I got involved in the clutch bell crank deal.

Personally, I don't care for the grips. I prefer the subtle cross hatch of the stock grips, but interestingly, my Bonnie's stock grips have the pattern of your heated ones. You'll not notice the pattern in your palm at all. Aesthetically, I prefer the cross hatch pattern. I see your switchgear is just like the fog light switches, they need a Radio Shack over the toggle boot. If you go to a catalog supplier like Shade Tree or Dennis Kirk and look in their snowmobile section, you'll see a wide selection of heated grips for sleds, which, in essence are exactly the same as what you just installed. They are a little more refined however with features like infinitely variable temperature control and very low amp draw as well as moisture proof switchgear.

Enjoy 'em.:D
The switchgear IS the foglight switch box. The hole that is blanked off is for the foglight switch, and it has a small foglight emblem under it.

I don't think a snowmobile set of heated grips would fit the Rocket what with all the specific holes drilled in the bars to locate the grips and the Rocket specific wiring harness. Why would you even want to try and cobble something like that on there when this is available? This doesn't have thermostatic control but it does have high and low settings, and since its doubtful that anyone would ride the Rocket through fields of snow and ice in sub zero temps the two settings will probably be adequate.

Actually.. the switch itself is at least a quality metal toggle switch and the housing has drain holes in it, it is pretty much waterproof the way it is designed. The regular switchgear has way less weather protection than this switch box. Take the switches apart on your handlebars and you'll see what I mean. The switchbox for the grips is the least of your worries. I really don't remember anyone talking about switch problems of any type in the rain, just some problems with the speedo head which more likely than not was due to poor seals in the wiring harness under the gas tank. It's a good idea to use a little dielectric grease on these connectors while you are working on them.

I think I will have a greater issue with the smaller diameter of the grips, I liked the stockers also. I'll give it a try, it might be OK. The heat from the grips feels pretty good, I think I'll like that :D
I think I will have a greater issue with the smaller diameter of the grips, I liked the stockers also. I'll give it a try, it might be OK. The heat from the grips feels pretty good, I think I'll like that :D

That is my big problem, the smaller diameter of the heated grips. I will say though the heated grips have come in mighty handy since I have had them. I have a very poor tolerance for cold weather and the grips have kept me from riding with my Gerbings in the low 50's which is when I used to put them on.
The grips look like my Speedmaster grips which are actually very comfortable on long rides. They do not look as comfortable as they really are.

I could make a banjo and sell it for a thousand dollars in less time than it would have taken me to install those grips.

Good work, Tom. You is intelligint. You coulda been a college gradiate.
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Hi praise indeedy Bart!:D Like I was telling Flip... you couldn't train this monkey to pick a banjo in a million years, so we all have our talents. College grad huh??? Does DeVry have a football team??

I was wondering if those heated grips were possibly a set that was adapted from another model, possibly the Bonnie? That might explain the smaller diameter.

I'm going to give them a chance. Like I said... I haven't even ridden the bike yet since I installed the grips and the Corbin fairing. I had a 2000 Speed Triple before the Rocket and it had smaller grips and it was OK. You used to buy shoes that fit your feet, now you wear new shoes so your feet will get used to them :roll:
Well hush my mouth:eek: So what is that elongated slot with the filler plug that is under the kill switch. I thought that was for heated grips??

Yeah, those heated grips would be nice. I'm not a big fan of riding with gloves.

talltx - I take it you've not been wacked by a June Bug on the knuckles?
That's a good question 3tic... When I took the right side switch housing off I also found a wiring harness connector right underneath where that slot is at. It may be for a European option like a headlamp flasher for passing... I don't know. Now that I think of it I should have checked that connector out....:confused:
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