Heated grips warning


Living Legend
Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Yesterday I was going to ride the Rocket to work, and because it has gotten colder down here in North Florida, the Rocket would barely turn over....so I took the Mustang into work instead. This was a little disappointing to me as I pride myself in that when it is it's turn in the "driving rotation" and the Rocket starts up...I ride it into work.

When I came home last night I turned off the foglight switch and the heated grip switch and, guess what, the Rocket started up...that was a relief.

So to any of you that have the foglight and/or the heated grip set up, put them in the "off" position before starting the beast, you'll be glad you did.
Mine was a bit stubborn about a week or ten day ago when the first good morning frost set up. I was concerned about getting a new battery ASAP. But, with every start up since there's been no issues. Perhaps I did have the fog lamps on:eek:
I thought I was stranded one time during an 8 hour ride the bike was hot and I turned it off to get a soda. went to restart and the battery seemed dead, would not turn the engine at all. then I flipped the headlights to low beam and it started right up. I am running the blue halogen lights 55/100 watts. rademis