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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
HD issued profit warning late last week, citing a substantial reduction in anticipated 3rd QTR sales as well as an EPS projection of $ 3.69 to 3.77 for this year, versus $3.93 in '06.

YTD, HD's stock is down 33.02%, BTW. This, to many analysts, means reduced consumer spending in general and on "non-essential" goods in particular. Sadly, Jamie
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We have a Sportster and V Rod factory here in Kansas City and I just heard on the news they are going to scale back production at that and several other locations. The plan for the KC plant is to close for at least one week after the Thanksgiving holiday, and possibly longer. The workers will receive no pay.

I have heard from several sporty owners that the 2006 and 2007 Sportsters have some real problems with runnability. It seems that in order to meet EPA regs that the Sportys have been tuned very lean, and they suffer from gross overheating and pinging problems. The Harley community has spread word about this all through the bike rallies and the internet and I'm sure that this has hurt sales of Sportsters dramatically.

Curiously I have heard several big Twin owners state that after you buy a new big twin you have to spend $2000 or more just to get it to sound like a Harley. I have no idea what that is all about...

I also wonder (as Jamie eluded to) if the boomers are starting to put money into their 401K's rather than drop 25-30 bills on a Harley. Wild Hogs forever :D