Hard start when cold..


Jul 1, 2007
Hello all you Rocket Captains! How's it been going. I haven't posted much lately because the weather has been nice and you know that that means...Miles of Smiles!

How are your Rockets' for starting when cold? My 07 Mulberry takes two tries. It kinda start on the first try then dies and always starts on the second try. Am I expecting too much? Always starts first try when warm. There is an article in the October issue of Motorcycle Cruiser that talks about using the lowest octane fuel that does not ping, as the higher octane fuels are less volatile and can lead to harder cold starts. Anybody have any experience with that ? I have been using 92 Octane.

Thanks for all your help and advice on this site, it is the best of them all !
For me every once in a while it takes a second hit to get it going. I also run 92 octane. Do you touch the throttle at all when starting?
starting up

mitchcpc, FWIW

You described my bike, ('05r3), exactly.

On the first try, it will idle slowly then die, on the second try it will rev to 2000rpms then settle down to normal or about 800rpms.

Will start on the first try every time when warmed up.
No Throttle

I do not touch the throttle at all. I think I will try a lower octane and see if I can tell a difference.
12 min tune


I was talking to my Triumph mechanic the other day and asked him about the 12 min tune. He stated the the time started when the fan first cuts on. Not from startup. :eek:

I have done it from startup with good results, but next time I will time it from the cooling fan cutting on. :confused: :confused: :confused:
12 min tune

Appreciate your verifying what the Triumph mechanic told me. I bet you are reading from the factory manual.

Darron & Mitch

Thanks Flip. I'll try that as well. What octane do you use?

I think Brian covered it, but you start the bike without touching the throttle and leave it idle until the fan comes on and then run an additional 12 minutes. That puts the computer in the 'adaptive' mode and resets the parameters.

I tend to run BP regular or mid-grade depending on my funding.

When I went to Nashville this summer via Kitty Hawk and the east coast I must have gotten some high content ethanol gas inadvertently. I did the 12 minute tune in the motel parking lot and all was well again. I had to do it just last week as my idle degraded somewhat. The computer seems at times to forget.