Grip replacement size


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, can anyone tell me which "size" grips are needed to replace the stock ones on the Rocket? I'm looking at the Kuryakyn "flame" grips but don't know which size to get.
Anyone replaced their grips for others? Special size needed? Anything else special needed to get them installed properly? Installation suggestions?

If you are talking about diameter, they are your standard 1" set. To fit them you would be best to go buy yourself a replacement plastic throttle sleeve from Triumph (only a few dollars) as you have to remove all the nubs from the genuine sleeve before you can fit the aftermarket grip, it has to be smooth. THe geniune uses the nubs to hold on the rubber grip and it would be better to leave your original in tact if you need it again.......
Some Don't Fit

I don't know if this applies to you but I've heard if you use the Throttlemeister on the end of your grips, the replacement grips won't work. If not, I say.......go for it even though I haven't a clue how you'd go about doing just that. Remember, I'm the challenged one in this group.
rusty go to kyur site and go by application. they list the r3 now.. it's the same number as i believe a honda saber. i put them ,the throttle boss and the helmet locks on both sides of my bike.
comes with sleeve already in it.