Pianoman Advertising for Geriatric Entertainment

What on earth is a "sit-on creeper"? A passive thriller? A masochistic fantasy? A turkish toilet? All of the above?
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Just A Guess

Jamie......I'm thinking it has something to do with a thing you sit on and it creeps. Now you probably got mixed up and thought it said "Creaks" which would explain the old guy remark. The sad thing is ....... I creak all the time. When I'm on the first tee and taking a practice swing my cohorts ask if someone is popping popcorn.

Years ago the every popular mime, Red Skelton, did a routine where he opened the door and heard it squeak. He got the oil can and lubed the top hinge. It still squeaked so he lubed the middle hinge. Still no luck so he lubes the bottom hinge. Nothing helps the noise until he lubes his elbow........Voila!
Piano Man' I remember him doing the bit, probably the greatest comedian of all time with Jonathon Winters running a close second. Funny and clean at the same time. Rare now days.
Not to steal your thread... but Harvey Coreman and Tim Conway doing the "Dentist" bit on the old Carole Burnette show almost killed me...:D
Ah...The Good Old Days

Britman..... I'll give Red "Best of Breed" and Mr. Winters "Best of Show". Did you happen to see the night Johnny Carson had Winters and Robin Williams on together. Robin stayed fairly close most of the night but Winters overpowered him in the long run. You could see the admiration for Winters in Robin's eyes and the respect Winters gave him as he passed the baton.

Tomo...... That was just a hoot. Matter of fact, I can't remember a skit that those two were in that something extra funny didn't happen. I heard they did two tapings in the same night. After the first run they'd break for a few hours, have something to eat and bring in a fresh audience.

The rule was to always follow the script the first time. If the director got all the shots he needed and all went smooth .........he'd go to Tim Conway and tell him to improvise all he wanted on the second taping. Since nobody else in the cast new whether Tim had been "Set Free" they would have to play it close to the hip. That's how Tim was able to catch them off guard so often.

Those were the days! I can't figure out why we can't have variety shows like the old days?

P.S. Remember the hour special with Red Skelton & Marcel Marceau doing nothing but mime for the entire show. It was a work of art!
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