Triple Bypass Wombat

Standard Bore
Mar 9, 2006
G'day R3 riders, asking for some info from you, if you can spare a moment. currently checking out two bikes and have got feedback on the H-D Night Rod from those across the pond from you...and now seeking the same on the Rocket.
I'm here in Geraldton Western Australia, that's some 450km north of Perth...and looking to purchase a new Rocket or Night Rod within the next week. done a fair amount of research and i'm leaning towards the Rocket, for a few reasons - rider comfort (i'm 6'1"), price, looks etc. but would appreciate some words of wisdom from experienced R3 riders/owners. one question in particular...what is the 'note' like with the standard R3 pipes? perhaps in comparison with a typical harley 'note' if that helps. anyway, would appreciate any comments you can offer on the Rocket.
cheers, Rob.

I've posted this in 'the final drive' also...just in case you're getting a feeling of deja vu!
It's a quiet bike when stock, but there are many exhaust systems for the rocket to suit your "sound" taste. I've been riding for 36 years , Harleys, and I think the Triumph Rocket III is the greatest bike I have ever owned!:cool:

Cheers Dragoneye! Just what i wanted to hear! got the same reaction in the 'final drive' section too...all very positive and basically has got me almost certain about the Rocket now! Heading down to Perth next week and will make the final choice. They have the Red or Black available but leaning towards black...can't go passed the classics really, can you?!
Thanks for your info...invaluable!:)