Greetings from Katy, TX


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Nov 26, 2006
I wanted to say greetings to all. I have about 1500k on the Rocket III. Enjoying riding back roads outside Houston/Katy Texas. The weather has been exceptional for riding the last couple of weeks. Machine has performed well, with some minor problems. Shift linkage came loose. Tight now with lock down product. Replaced the rear tire because of a flat very expensive. Upgrading the risers from Revico for a btter comfort from the original handlebars. Switching out the the summer screen and installing a Roadster screen for a little more protection.

Had great pleasure yesterday riding with about 12 bikes that came upon three of my buddies. I just rolled the throttle while all of the sport bikes where shifting gears to keep up. We approached some very twisted roads, and to my surprise the Rocket did and excellent job in handiling at accelrated speeds. Having a great time on the bike.
Is there such a thing as the Katy Freeway? I had a friend who used to work on that road but I never got to visit him there.

Anyway... welcome to our website! Do join in!!

Katy Did

Sounds like you're in the right part of Texas for riding a majority of the year. It's 67 in Kansas City today and I got a little highway time going to hear a charity jam session on the other side of town. Had a bit of gusty winds that tried to blow me off of overpasses but thank goodness I've been eating extra during the Thanksgiving week and I held the bike down till I got to the other side. Link Removed

I guess I'm one of the luckier ones when it comes to things not breaking or falling off. Hope you got yours back in riding order quickly and also be sure and enjoy, share and joke a little on the forum.
Welcome homey

I've got about the same amount of miles on mine with no problems yet. I'm 50 min. west of Waco, maybe I'll see ya on the road sometime. I have not seen any other R3's except at the dealership.:D
Hey, I also just recently joined the forum, and the world of Rocket III ownership. I am South of you in Matagorda County.

welcome mslater

I lived in Houston in the 80's, really liked it, except for the traffic on the beltway. Several other R3 riders in that area. I met a couple of R3 captains from Texas in Sturgis this year. Glad to have you with us. :bch:
Some secrets about changing out the Rivco risers that is not mentioned in the instructions MSLATOR. Use caution. If you'll drop me a line, I'll give you some clues, unless you are having the dealership do the work. Hopefully, they also know the secrets.

Have fun on the Rocket. We all do when the weather permits. See ya.
Hi MSLATOR,I had the same thing happen to me and the mechanic had it happen to him too.Seems they should put that in a tech bulletin or something.They took care of it and havn't had any trouble since and I have 9700 trouble free miles.Welcome.:D
Thank you all

I certainly appreciate all the great comments. The risers, I will most likely have the dealer install. Why not give the dealer an additonal Christmas donation. Actually the dealership in Katy, Tx has a good crew.
I did have a question for all you Rocket fans (not the Houston Rockets). The bike now has about 1,400k, and has been through the first service. I still smell the " new engine smell " or oil burning, even after a short cruise. I really wonder if the engine is fully broke in or seated.
I hope my purchase of the roadster screen was not a mistake. I guess, I can always change back to the summer screen. The summer screen, seems to look a little better. I now have stock in Triumph windshields. Lots of other manufacturers out there, but its a done deal.
Idle is sometimes a little strange. Sometimes idling sounds like the engine could quit. Other times idle, is a little higher, even when the engine is at temp. Could be the outside air temperature. I have also felt the engine "churp" a couple of times. Weather was very hot. I mean really hot. Dam Chavez Citgo..
Once you twist that throttle, all thats just a memory..
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