Got the new 07 classic tourer


Apr 25, 2006
Today I traded my 05 red rocket III in for the new 07 rocket III classic tourer. It is black and white.
Now check this out, I owned the red rocket for nearly three years and never a speeding ticket or even stopped for anything. But today with only 14miles after leaving the dealership I get stopped and given a ticket ( $ 191.00 ) for going through a yellow light that ended up turning red before I got through the intersection. I know it was my fault, but boy that really is a terrible way to start off with the new bike. now I get to wait and see how long it takes for the insurance company to hit me up for more money on the policy.
Oh well I like the new bike anyway. rademis

Sorry about your luck on the one hand, and jealous on the other! What made you trade? How many miles did you have on the 05? Enjoy, we need pics NOW, it's crapy weather here and I'm bored, and please don't tell me about the wonderful weather your having because I would never salt the wound of a fellow Captain, just ask Flip:D
I had about 17,500 miles on her. It also was out of warranty. It is on a countdown of needing the lower timing chain sprocket changed out. so after seeing the cost of having this done I decided to just get rid of it and get a new one. The floorboards are nice, I didn't think I was going to like them, but the 28 mile ride home had me convinced already. I also like the new angle of the handlebars. I'm just I love all over again, this bike is contagious, watch out it will get you hooked if you are not careful. rademis ( got to wait for some sunlight tomorrow to get some pics. )
Sorry to hear about the change...

Hey Rad,
If you don't mind me asking how did they treat you on the trade?? Did you take a big hit due to miles?? I might be considering the same?
Sorry to hear about the penalty............

Ride Safe!!!!!!!!!!! and enjoy the new ride.
I think it went well. The kelly blue book trade in value for my 05 was 8,300, I got the dealership to give me 9,500. I don't think the milage was an issue at all. actually they have a chart that shows allowable milage per years on the bike, and mine was not considered excessive. rademis
That's one way to get around the timing sprocket fiasco. Trade the sucker in and forgetaboutit.

Lets see, running a red light is 2 points and the insurance company will find out when your policy renews and the run a DAC. I might contest that. If the light was caution as you entered the intersection and because you were impeded in some way, you didn't clear the intersection before the signal changed to red, if that's the way it was, you have a chance if not, you pay and play.


We've entered what Amy terms the 'Mole Zone' up here. 4 months of continuous bad weather, snow, sleet, freezing rain and bone creaking temperatures. You got it easy.:D

I believe it's the color when you enter not exit.
My doughter has this saying about lights. Red (stop), Green (go), Yellow (go faster).

Also I guess you solved the riddel, if you never got a ticket on the red bike. Red must be faster because if you were on the red one you would of been threw the intersection before it turned red and then no ticket:rolleyes: